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Ocular Clinical Research Company (Ocular CRC)

WE ARE Ocular CRC 

Ocular Clinical Research Company is an Ophthalmology clinical research consulting firm with an advanced job training program.


We provide specialized training with 'Ocular CRC Ready' Certificate to eye doctors and other medical professionals, and place them as full time consultants in high-level clinical development & drug safety job roles for biopharmaceutical companies developing drugs and devices in cornea, glaucoma, uveitis, retina, and inherited retina disorders. 

Ocular CRC 2020 VISION

In the year 2020, we developed our VISION to pursue excellence in ophthalmology clinical development.



To strategically improve the current  standards and quality of MEDICAL EXPERT TALENT and SERVICES provided in Ophthalmology clinical development by:

1. providing medical professionals advanced job functional training

2. providing our biopharmaceutical clients high quality clinical research, medical consulting services, and medical expert talent as Ocular CRC Consultants

3. investing in the training and maintenance of the Ocular CRC Consultants

Our people and leadership

Our leadership and consultants make us who we are.

The Ocular CRC team is distinctively real, refreshingly relatable, and confidently knowledgeable.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

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Nnenna Ihekoromadu, MD
Founder & ceo, ocular crc

As a Physician working in Ophthalmology at the Jules Stein Eye Institute in UCLA 23 years ago, I got curious about the Pharma industry and decided to trade in my scrubs and white coats for a few months of "the Corporate life" and the opportunity to get dressed up in pants suits. Now looking back, I’m incredibly grateful for the people, companies and learnings from the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, that have shaped me today. I'm privileged to have established strong relationships with ophthalmology industry leaders and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), led multiple cross-functional teams and successfully launched multiple products at different companies. Over the years, we’ve contributed to major advancements in all sub-therapeutic areas – especially for indications like Dry eye, Glaucoma, Age-related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy and Inherited Retina Diseases. The art and science of ocular drug discovery and clinical research is always exciting, but I find that the clinical development functional area is 'the brain' of drug development. The cross-functional teams are equally important but you need this critic organ functioning right at all times; similarly, a well-trained and functional clinical development team is critical for a successful program. As a biopharmaceutical clinical development executive consultant and medical talent coach, I have had the opportunity to develop and revolutionize the way we approach medical talent development in the field of biopharmaceutical clinical development and drug safety. My mission and goal is to leverage my skills, experience and knowledge of the space to train and place the right medical professionals to LEAD, DEVELOP & MEDICAL MONITOR clinical trials for the treatment and prevention of eye diseases.

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Ocular CRC business model

The Ocular CRC business model is composed of integrated components for biopharmaceutical clinical development success.

This includes the Ocular CRC College, which trains and certifies medical professionals transitioning into the Ophthalmology clinical development field, Ocular CRC Consultants, which provides trained and certified medical talent and services for ophthalmology biopharmaceutical companies, and Ocular CRC Connect, a community for ophthalmology biopharmaceutical clinical development and drug safety professionals.

The Ocular CRC team is committed to improving the quality and standards in Ophthalmology clinical development skills and expertise and are working to cultivate a culture of excellence in this field.

By bringing a consultant level of expertise, and a diverse range of professionals to the table, Ocular CRC is helping drive innovation and advancement in the field of Ophthalmology Clinical research.

Ophthalmology Clinical Research


Our focus is Ophthalmology Clinical Research.

We are dedicated to improving the quality of Ocular Clinical Research & Medical Monitoring.

Our experts, consultants and advisors are retina KOLs, glaucoma advisors, Cornea PIs, IRD PIs etc.

We know the industry, the KOLs, the PIs and the high enrolling sites.

Our consultants are Ophthalmologists, Ophthalmology Clinical Research experts, Optometrists, other MDs, Ph.Ds, or Pharm.D Clinical Scientists.

Our medical consultants interact with the FDA, EMA, PMDA etc, on behalf of the sponsors.

Our Ocular CRC College career training program designed by MDs provide our consultants the full-range of knowledge, skills and experience needed to become a leader in Ophthalmology Clinical development.

'Ocular CRC Ready'* certificate means- TRUSTED MEDICAL EXPERTISE


Enriching the candidate pool with trained and experienced experts


Providing our Biopharmaceutical clients with high quality clinical research and medical consulting services and talents,


and investing in the training and maintenance of our consultants, thereby, ultimately achieving our Vision of providing Ophthalmic drug development excellence.


Ocular Clinical Research Company

23+ Years Ophthalmic Drug Development Experience

  • Reliable Medical Directors & KOLs

  • Highly Skilled MDs, ODs, PhDs

  • Results Oriented Executive Leaders

  • Quality Focused Medical Monitors

  • Medical Data Driven Clinical Scientists

  • Cost Effective Methods & Strategies

Ocular Clinical Research Company

Ocular CRC Consultant Biographies and/or CVs are provided to potential clients upon request to respect the confidentiality of Ocular CRC Consultants

Ocular CRC is a specialty clinical research consulting service providing high quality Ophthalmology executive leadership, medical monitoring, clinical research, safety, medical affairs and training services.

Ocular CRC consultants are fully committed to elevating the medical research standards within the Ophthalmology pharmaceutical and biotechnology clinical development industry.


We are MDs, Optometrists, Pharm.Ds and Ph.Ds focused on the science and medical aspects of Ocular drug and device development; from first in human trials to post-marketing trials.
Ocular CRC consultants are trained experts that will support your CRO as the medical lead and subject matter expert.

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Ocular Clinical Research Company
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