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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

In the highly competitive world of biopharmaceuticals, standing out in the ophthalmology field takes more than just innovative treatments, it takes a culture of excellence in clinical development talent.

Here’s how Ocular CRC, founded by Dr. Nnenna Ihekoromadu, is leading the charge.

In the year 2020, Dr. Nnenna Ihekoromadu, a physician and highly experienced leader in the field of ophthalmology biopharmaceutical clinical development, had a vision; to build a team of medical experts fully trained and committed to providing ophthalmology drug development excellence. This vision led to a courageous but slightly precarious decision to begin operating her first business startup, the Ocular Clinical Research Company (Ocular CRC).

Although she would not have previously considered herself an entrepreneur, she had a vision: to create a biopharmaceutical consulting firm unlike any other already in existence.

The most striking aspect of that vision was her decision to create a formal training college specifically for medical experts transitioning into the ophthalmology biopharmaceutical clinical development job role. This brilliant idea proves to be beneficial for all parties involved, as the company empowers and equips doctors interested in joining the field, while also providing expert services and qualified talent to biotech and pharmaceutical companies seeking to advance their ophthalmology clinical development programs.

To ensure success, the Ocular CRC College meticulously reviews applications and selects the best suited medical experts based on the specific goals of the companies they’ve partnered with. The college then provides comprehensive and individualized training for the students and upon the completion of training and certification, graduates are placed into clinical development and drug safety positions with specific biopharmaceutical companies for ‘on-the-job’ training and subsequently they become Ocular CRC Consultants. In doing so, Ocular CRC creates intelligently crafted matches between their consultants and the target companies conducting medical research.

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