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Are you an OPHTHALMOLOGIST, optometrist, or other Medical professional, interested in transitioning from clinical practice to BIOPHARMA?

  • Do you dream of making a greater impact on patient care through the development of new treatments and therapies?

  • Are you interested in the structured and predictable work environment, access to cutting-edge technology, and the chance to participate in innovative clinical research offered by the biopharmaceutical industry?


Grow Your Vision

Find out how Ocular CRC is revolutionizing the field of ophthalmology biopharmaceutical clinical development talent and the challenges and rewards of transitioning from a clinical setting to the biopharmaceutical industry.

Ophthalmic Clinical Research

Are you a Manager, Director, VP or CMO in Ophthalmic Clinical Research?

  • Have you started your own Independent Consulting business but need more job opportunities?

  • Do you need more resources and support?

  • Have you been accepting contract work from recruiting firms on a W2 basis (no 1099)?

  • Are you a contractor with low hourly pay rates?

  • Are you a Medical Director with a CRO or Sponsor?

  • Are you a W2  employee who is tired of working the same job, and need more work, life balance?​


Ocular Clinical Research Consultants (Ocular CRC Consultants) is an

Ophthalmology Clinical Research Consulting and Medical Talent Development Firm

for Medical & Clinical Research Professionals in the Ophthalmology Pharma/Biotech Space.

We are here to help you EXCEED your goals as a Clinical Development Medical Expert Consultant or Train you to become 'Ocular CRC Ready'



DEPENDING ON the position, job  or company hiring you THE OCULAR CRC CONSULTANTS PROGRAM  offers you the following:
  • High hourly pay- The rate is dependent on the company, subspecialty, job role, and your previous experience

  • You are hired by Ocular CRC as a contractor, full-time or part-time, paid on a 1099 basis) 

  • We find the job for you and negotiate a high pay rate for you.

  • We provide you the umbrella of safety you need to focus on the job

  • Free Ocular CRC Consultants Resource & Connect Library 

  • Free 1-2 hour/month one-on-one with your Executive Ocular CRC Coach

  • Free initial and ongoing training and mentoring as needed 

  • Free job promotion recommendations and next career-level preparation  

  • Access to KOL advisors in your specific indication/sub-specialty area of focus

  • Access to Ophthalmology Clinical development veterans when you need them


An Ocular CRC Ready Consultant is:
  • Fully trained and certified to perform the specific job functions for a role in Clinical Development or Drug Safety & PV.

  • Specialized in an Ophthalmology sub-specialty training of focus that targets specific indications and therapies for clinical research.

  • Completely confident, competent, and conscientious, on and off the job.

  • Trained to focus on the bottom line for the company by being time and budget sensitive.

  • Well-versed in the specific needs of the job and is fully armed with the skills needed to exceed the job expectations.

  • Solution-based, with a leadership mindset that is for the People, Program, Product, and Place.

  • Focused on the safety of the patients we serve, the clinical data, and the quality of their work; offering solutions and delivering results.

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Pharmaceutical & Biotech companies developing Ophthalmic products hire Ocular CRC Consultants because we are known to provide reliable feedback and actionable strategies that improve their efficiency or effectiveness in specific Ocular Clinical Research areas of expertise.

You will find more value in being a part of a revolution in our field

You remain Independent, paid on a 1099 basis OR we put you on a program to become an ‘Ocular CRC Ready' Consultant.

Get qualified now!  We take care of your contracting, vendor compliance, Insurance and Liability, while you keep your 1099 tax status.

We have contacts and know the hiring executives; therefore, we get the jobs easier and faster

We negotiate with clients on your behalf for a much better rate because we can…

We provide you with on-going training, mentoring and coaching on topics in; Ophthalmology, Clinical Research, Leadership, Consulting, and Business Ownership

Ocular CRC is fully committed to improving the Quality of

Ocular Clinical Research and the Life of our People; therefore, we keep it Real, Simple and Fun, just because we can!


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Learn more about our People through the "Eye on the Talent" posts, our Posts on social media, Announcements, and many more.

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